About the Journal

Technical Communication and Social Justice (TCSJ), is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed, and open-source online journal, published biannually. 


TCSJ seeks to do more than merely publish research reports. We advocate for and seek to foster recognition of previously silenced voices, ideas, and practices in technical communication and invite scholars and readers to join an activist community.

We focus on considerations of social justice (e.g., equity, justice, inclusion, etc.) in the research, teaching, and practice of technical communication and professional communication. TCSJ publishes articles—empirical research, pedagogical approaches, case studies, integrative literature reviews, workplace studies, etc.—that advance themes (1) exploring the systems and structures that legitimize and sustain injustice and/or (2) redressing injustice and/or enacting social justice in spheres of technical communication work.

Scope and Purposes

The journal encourages articles presenting sound arguments drawing from diverse theoretical, applied, and practical perspectives as applicable in technical and professional communication and related disciplines such as rhetoric, composition, human-centered design, and user-experience. While the journal invites a broad range of subject matter and topics, published articles establish clear social justice connections, particularly through how the subject matter inhibits or promotes social justice.

TCSJ articles raise and engage a diverse range of topics, social justice theories, and research methodologies, race and ethnicities; gender, feminism, sexuality, and LGBTQIA+ issues; Indigenous studies, decolonialism, and postcolonialism; the Global South and/or the Global North; translation, localization, and globalization; disability studies; environmental justice; advocacy and citizenship; plain language, and user experience.

TCSJ does more than merely report research. We equip readers to foster change. Therefore, our editorial policy calls for reviewers to approach submissions in a spirit of advocacy and mentorship.